28 Mar

For some time, I have been considering cutting off my TV cable service and only streaming TV & movies to watch.  I entered the streaming world about a year ago.  I needed a new DVD player and saw how inexpensive it was to buy a player that also had the streaming, so I bought it.  I enjoyed surfing thru the content when I first took it home but kept going back to my old reliable, my cable channels.  The player I bought has BBC News, and I probably streamed that more than anything.  I also signed up for a subscription to HuluPlus (only $8.95 a month) but wasn’t using it very much.

I made the decision to make this change now for several reasons:

1)  I watch too much TV!  Having over 200 channels seems to lure me in to find, record, then feel compelled to watch way too many shows, many of which I suspect I’m not 100% interested in.  I began to wonder if I was addicted to the stuff.

2)  There was a time in my life (before we had the Travel Channel, HGTV, etc.) when I had a TV but didn’t turn it on very much.  I read a lot more books back then, and I wondered if that was a better way to live my life.  One of my goals in going to streaming is to watch less TV and to be more intentional in what I watch.

3) I love technology, and I do believe streaming is the future of TV/movie viewing, and I wanted to be a part of it.

4) I realized I could cut costs (I’m saving about $70 a month) by going this route.  I love a bargain!

As my boyfriend said, “If you really decide you need the cable back, I’m sure they will be willing to sign you back up!”  I suspect he’s right.




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