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Best show on Hulu

18 Apr

NBC’s “Community” is the best show on TV.

There was previously just a mountain of love letters, fan art and petitions to prove it. Now, it has an award. With the help of its Twitter-happy cast and a tireless fanbase, “Community” took down AMC’s force of a zombie show “The Walking Dead” by more than 11,000 votes to win Hulu’s 2012 Best in Show competition. Greendale’s finest fended off comedy’s juggernauts — “30 Rock,” “Parks and Recreation,” “New Girl” and “Modern Family” — to earn the title. Now, it’s officially part of TV’s comedy pantheon. And, yes, it’s officially streets ahead.


What I’m watching this week on HuluPlus

9 Apr

I am finding plenty of entertainment to keep me busy – I honestly haven’t missed cable at all.

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