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Using the HuluPlus Queue

16 Apr

I figured this out but this tutorial is helpful for new HuluPlus subscribers:




Technology I’m using

28 Mar

Streaming Players

I already have a DVD player with streaming capability.  I am using it downstairs in my living room.

I am streaming in my bedroom thru the Roku LT – cost, $50 ( I used my Amazon Visa rewards points, so did not actually cost me anything).  The Roku is newer and is my preferred device – I just like the content options better.  It is amazing to me how small it is – not much bigger than my mobile phone.

CNET reviewed the Roku 5 days ago and here is their summary:

The Roku LT earned our Editors’ Choice Award for two major reasons: price and content. Roku’s $50 streaming box has a truly impressive lineup of content, including Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Pandora, HBO Go, MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter, Epix, Crackle, Picasa, Flicker, Mog, Rdio, TED Talks, Revision3, TWiT.TV, NASA, and CNET. You can see a full list on Roku’s site, and the company has been aggressive about continually adding more content sources. YouTube is strangely missing from that list.

All of the content sources are great, but the Roku LT also gets many of the little things right that competing products don’t. The user interface may be a little bland, but it’s simple and easy to navigate, plus you can customize the layout of the channels. The same goes for the remote, which keeps only the essential buttons. (Roku’s remote now includes direct-access buttons for Netflix, Pandora, and Crackle.) The separate Channel Store is also a great way to offer a ton of content from partners without cluttering the main home screen.

Roku also offers several pricier models, but we think the Roku LT is easily the best value. The core streaming functionality is what makes Roku great, so most buyers don’t need to pay extra for a Bluetooth remote, microSD card slot, or USB port.If your main goal is to stream video and music from a ton of high-quality content sources, there’s no better value than the Roku LT.

Roku LT interface


I have a subscription to Hulu Plus (less than $9 a month) and to Amazon Prime ($79 per year; includes streaming TV/movies & some free ebooks; also provides free 2-day shipping on Amazon purchases).

Other equipment

I bought a HDTV indoor TV antenna – Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna for Off-Air HDTV Reception.  It’s $38.79 on Amazon (I used my Amazon Visa reward points for this too) and it ships free with 2-day delivery … another perk of the Amazon Prime membership.  It has received 1582 reviews and a 4-star rating.

It will allow me to view all local TV free.  To see what stations you should be able to get with the antenna in your area, go to http://transition.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps.


28 Mar

For some time, I have been considering cutting off my TV cable service and only streaming TV & movies to watch.  I entered the streaming world about a year ago.  I needed a new DVD player and saw how inexpensive it was to buy a player that also had the streaming, so I bought it.  I enjoyed surfing thru the content when I first took it home but kept going back to my old reliable, my cable channels.  The player I bought has BBC News, and I probably streamed that more than anything.  I also signed up for a subscription to HuluPlus (only $8.95 a month) but wasn’t using it very much.

I made the decision to make this change now for several reasons:

1)  I watch too much TV!  Having over 200 channels seems to lure me in to find, record, then feel compelled to watch way too many shows, many of which I suspect I’m not 100% interested in.  I began to wonder if I was addicted to the stuff.

2)  There was a time in my life (before we had the Travel Channel, HGTV, etc.) when I had a TV but didn’t turn it on very much.  I read a lot more books back then, and I wondered if that was a better way to live my life.  One of my goals in going to streaming is to watch less TV and to be more intentional in what I watch.

3) I love technology, and I do believe streaming is the future of TV/movie viewing, and I wanted to be a part of it.

4) I realized I could cut costs (I’m saving about $70 a month) by going this route.  I love a bargain!

As my boyfriend said, “If you really decide you need the cable back, I’m sure they will be willing to sign you back up!”  I suspect he’s right.